what is a session like?

Sessions last about 30 minutes. After the sensors are placed on your scalp using a thick paste, all there is to do is to relax in the comfortable chair and listen to pleasant music. Read more about what happens in a session on our page about The Science

Are there side effects?

No. Since this is a training system that does not introduce a chemical into the body, there are no chemically-induced side effects. Typically, clients experience NeurOptimal® neurofeedback as pleasurable.


No. Sessions are relaxing and painless. Some clients even fall asleep!


Does it effect medications I am already taking?

It is very important to monitor medication usage and dosage while engaging in NeurOptimal® neurofeedback because it can increase the power of certain psychiatric medications (stimulant or mood-stabalizing). As the brain functions with more stability and efficiency, less medication is needed or unnecessary. What was once a well-calibrated dose prior to NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is now too much. If a client is taking medication, or even multiple medications, not only will their effectiveness be increased, but so will the side effects of those medications. We can discuss your medication history and any questions you may have in a phone consultation or initial visit.


Everyone experiences the benefits of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback differently. Some clients notice marked changes more quickly, while many others notice more subtle changes, across many different areas of life. Since NeurOptimal® neurofeedback utilizes the Dynamical Neurofeedback® approach, the changes are wholistic, meaning the brain starts to work more efficiently in many different situations. Many clients experience better sleep, reduced stress, heightened mental clarity and functioning, better communication and relationships with those around them, just to name a few. See our Success Stories page to hear the experiences of many others.

how long does it take to work? DOES IT LAST?

Sometimes you will become aware of results after just one or two sessions, but it may take more sessions until you notice positive changes. We usually recommend that you plan on eight to ten sessions.

Brain training of this kind is akin to going to the gym to workout - the transformations that occur have lasting effects and may last forever. However, if you go through periods of high stress, you may feel the effects diminish and feel that a "tune-up" is necessary.  People experience the lasting effects quite differently from one another, and just as you know when your body needs to exercise, you will know if you feel the need for tune-up NeurOptimal® neurofeedback sessions in the future.

how often do I have to do it?

The frequency of sessions will depend on your particular condition at the start, and how quickly you wish to see fuller results.


As of August 1, 2017, rates are as follows:

50-minute sessions with assistants of Dr. Granoff are $90. Initial sessions with assistants are $125.

50-minutes sessions with Dr. Granoff are $175. A consultation with Dr. Granoff  is $180 (initial sessions are considered a consultation and may go over 50 minutes).

Dr. Granoff is not registered with any health insurance carriers and therefore, sessions with him are considered out-ot-network. Some health insurance plans will reimburse some of your cost for sessions with him, but you should contact your health insurance provider to ask about your coverage benefits for appointments with a mental health provider.