“(Our son) is doing amazing! He’s been thriving in school also. He went from a 3rd grade math level at the beginning of the year to a 5th grade level. He’s been speaking more fluently and has eye contact and is very engaged in the conversation. He has a sense of pride in myself which is so good to see. 

The sweet little caring boy that I always knew was there but just couldn’t reach is now shining through and I am oh so proud and excited for his future. 

Thank you so much for all that you have done for our family!”

-Stacie, mom of 10 yr. old client

“My son has always struggled in school.  Finally, in his junior year of high school he was getting D’s and F’s in several classes and his anxiety level was off the charts.  We had had him tested for ADHD twice before ( in 2nd and 7th grades), but both times the tests showed that he did not  have ADHD.  

I felt like that if we didn’t try something again, he was in danger of not making it through high school, much less going to college. We decided to do more extensive neurological testing at the Cleveland Clinic and the results showed that he had extremely slow processing speed, poor working memory and he showed many characteristics of ADD.  He was also suffering from anxiety and was slightly depressed.  Our first attempt at helping him was through the use of medication.  Some seemed to help his concentration, but the side effects made his anxiety worse, so we decided to discontinue it.  

A friend of mine recommended that we see Dr. Granoff. Initially, I thought it would be mainly to help with his anxiety and depression.  On our first visit, he looked through my son’s test scores and recommended neurofeedback training.  I was a little bit skeptical, but after several sessions, my son said that he felt better. He was more able to control his anxiety and just seemed generally happier.  Even it was a placebo effect, he was making definite improvement.  Some days, he would ask me to set up an appointment, just because Dr. Granoff was “good to talk to”. About a year of seeing Dr. Granoff, we had his IQ testing done again and his improvements were amazing.  He moved from the 1st percentile to the 50th in processing speed and also showed significant improvement in his verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning scores.  He just started his freshman year in college. So far so good.”

- Becky, mother of college-age client


"Our son’s behavior and childish outbursts were ruining our family. After going through the “normal” routes suggested by our pediatrician to help our son in school and at home (therapy, modifying the family’s behavior, then eventually drugs), we were still searching for something to help our son. Drugs only took away his personality, but without them, our lack of knowledge on how to deal with him was tearing our family apart. We completely stopped any and all family and social activities because it was just too exhausting and tense trying to make our son “behave”.

Finally, at our wits’ end, I remembered a family member telling me about Dr. Granoff and the amazing, calming effects his treatment had on a patient. I called him praying he might be able to help our son and family. After only two sessions, I saw my son’s true self returning. He was talkative, happy, funny, loving and all that I had missed about him!

We have returned to regular family activities with enjoyment. My son has gone fishing with his older brother, plays outside for hours with his younger brother and even spends time talking with his sisters. I honestly never thought we could help him without numbing him through medication. We are forever grateful to Dr. Granoff and his staff!!"

- Laura, mother of 11 yr. old client


"Mild PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) resulting from a motor vehicle accident had crippled me to the point that I could not drive on major highways for over two years.  When the opportunity to advance in my career came with a much farther commute of over 50 miles, I realized that I had to do something to conquer this fear.  As luck or divine intervention would have it, I met Dr. Granoff at my new place of employment, and he generously offered to allow me to experience neurofeedback. After the first session, I realized as I drove across the county line that for the first time in over two years I had driven on the highway without having to “think” about it—the thought of having an anxiety attack had not even entered my mind.  I feel more confident with each session, and I look forward to the relaxing “centeredness” that follows neurofeedback.  Thank you, Dr. Granoff, for introducing me to such an effective therapy!"

- Learning Specialist

"When I was having serious problems sleeping due to night terrors and PTSD, and suffering other anxiety issues, Dr. Granoff suggested neurofeedback. I didn't know much about it, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting it to do anything for me. I am very glad I was wrong. Immediately after, I could feel a slight drop in my anxiety. But that night, I slept more soundly and more deeply than I had in weeks. And that has continued every time I do neurofeedback. I still come back to it when I am having a particularly difficult time sleeping or dealing with anxiety. It has worked for me every time."

- Senior Magazine Editor

brain injury

" In October 2013, an unsecured fixture fell on my head causing a severe concussion/traumatic brain injury (TBI). The accident left me with a brain that couldn’t concentrate, remember or effectively process spoken or written language. I was extremely depressed and needed some focus in my life, along with relief from the horrible headaches. Because I was slow in my improvement, my speech therapist suggested I try neurofeedback with Dr. Granoff before an upcoming neuropsychological test I was due to have.

After only two sessions, I felt my brain focus a little bit more and my vocabulary came back. The test results came back and my doctor at Metro was surprised at how high I scored in vocabulary, general knowledge and math – all in the 93rd percentile. I have new focus, can concentrate better, can do math in my head again, have decreased headaches and actually have less arthritis pain in my body. These sessions have changed my life for the better and have given me a lot of my brain power back."

- Librarian, Career Coordinator and Academic Advisor

"I had to have brain surgery of a large non-malignant tumor and recovery was difficult, with seizures and panic attacks occurring. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Granoff who used neurofeedback to help my recovery. After my sessions, I would feel calm, relaxed and my anxiety was diminished. In addition, at my six-month checkup with my surgeon, he stated that the speed of my recovery was unusual, which I certainly attribute in part to my neurofeedback sessions."

- Retired Orthodontist

physical pain

"I was suffering from lower back problems, having a lot of pain. My ability to function normally was being diminished. Dr. Granoff helped me deal with my pain through the use of neurofeedback. After a few sessions, I was pain free. He told me that while he was not doing anything to take care of the structural problems with my lower back, he was helping me with my experience of pain. He then referred me to an excellent physical therapist for structural work as well."

- Retired Social Worker

Peak performance/ improved mental acuity

"Although I don't write as often as I would like, when I do, lately concepts seem to come together more easily, and interconnections of thoughts seem to occur with less effort. I love to write, but sometimes it is heavy lifting.  It does seem to be more spontaneous and less difficult these days since having neurofeedback sessions."

- Senior Media Relations Consultant